THE ARTISTS’ GUILD (TAG) was birthed with a singular vision of raising a platform for artists to come together and use their talents to fulfil the Great Commission. Our desire is to encourage and raise artists within the community to feel empowered to make use of their God-given creative talents and gifts to help support missions and mission-oriented activities.

WORKSHOPS TAG periodically organizes workshops that will focus on specific art forms and bring in artists in that field to share their expertise with those keen on learning.

EXHIBITIONS Through TAG, we also create platforms for creative people to display their art in the form of fun exhibitions. Any proceeds from such exhibitions will go towards supporting missions.

THE TAG COUNTER The TAG counter is a counter that is hosted in the church foyer on alternate Sundays after the service (two Sundays every month). This counter has a range of creative things on sale created by artists within the church. The profits of all sales from this counter will go to missions. The missionary causes we support are displayed on the counter.