Tech & Sound

Volunteering with the Tech Team…

Community is everything here at church. And so is gathering weekly to fellowship, worship, to encourage and be encouraged. In order to consistently meet fifty plus times a year, team work is vital and that is made possible by the enormous efforts and commitment by volunteers. The running of our gatherings has never been an easy task nor does it seem to get any easier but through love and friendship it's something that many look forward to week after week.

From the beginning ten years ago - which still almost feels like last month - we started with a bunch of gear and a handful of hearty people who were ready to serve. As time went on and the gatherings grew so did the use of technology, all sorts of equipment, and mainly responsibilities. By the fifth year of Community of Hope we realised that the need for a production crew was crucial if we were to continue to consistently aspire for excellence. A few of us got together and with the vision of the church in mind dreamed of a skilled production team consisting of video crew, photographers, audio techs, lights engineers, etc. that would be able to communicate the Hope and Purpose of Life through technology. Inexperienced as we were, we began to draw a road map towards reaching this dream with wisdom from a few friends that had gone before us.

Since then, one of our key approaches has been not just teaching the art and skill of being creative but also the heart behind it, and so discipleship has been at its core. The opportunity to become disciples and then to raise disciples who love Jesus and love one another in this setting is huge and only seems to be getting bigger. Many have had their gifting realised and activated through this team and we continuously see the Holy Spirit release creativity upon us as we strive to steward every gifting. We continue to dream of using technology to communicate the Love of Jesus in newer and fresher ways and God never fails in making us able to accomplish it and do more. I am thoroughly content with the journey thus far and anxiously await God’s enabling for the next ten years.