Our Values

    We Value Prayer. We believe in the practice of continual prayer both personally and corporately. We believe in the power of prayer to prompt the supernatural intervention of God in the affairs of mankind.

    We Value Biblical Authority. We believe the Bible is the authoritative guide, and should always take precedence over any church tradition or human opinion. The Scriptures are the catalyst for life- transformation, and obedience to its teachings is the pathway to true spiritual maturity.

    We Value Servant Ministry. We believe every believer is a minister and that all members share responsibility for the work of the ministry. Leaders must have a servant’s heart along with appropriate leadership skills. Jesus said, “Who is greatest of all is servant of all.”

    We Value Authenticity and Balance. We believe a Christ-centred life is best manifested through ordinary people who are not legalistic or hyper-spiritual but who are honest, authentic, and transparent, and whose lives reflect integrity and balance.

    We Value Relationship and Friendship. We believe that healthy and loving relationships are indispensable to spiritual formation and growth. We seek to facilitate the building of church life and small groups where believers love, accept, serve, and encourage one another day by day as the Bible teaches.

    We Value the Grace of God. We affirm that people cannot earn God’s acceptance, but by His loving grace they are freely accepted through faith in the finished work of Jesus. Therefore, the church should never utilize guilt or legalism to motivate its members, but rather should encourage them to live godly lives purely motivated by their love for God.

    We Value the Great Commandment. We believe in Jesus’ command that we are to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. We are convinced that personal devotion to God is the source for all fruitful living and faithful ministry. Intimacy with Jesus Christ comes as one embraces God’s grace and cultivates a vital relationship with Jesus through personal prayer, worship, Bible study, willing surrender, obedience, and enduring faith.

    We Value the Great Commission. We believe people matter to God and ought to matter to the church. The great commission mandate from Jesus to His church requires us to become friends of the unevangelised, unchurched, and unloved. Spirit-empowered and valuing the dignity and worth of all people we must sacrificially give ourselves to the task of evangelisation, beginning with our family and friends and then reaching beyond to a needy world.

    We Value Worship. We are committed to full-hearted and expressive worship of God. While we joyfully celebrate Jesus’ presence in our gatherings, we affirm that worship is ultimately expressed through a life-style of obedience and submission to God.

    We Value the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the essential need for the Holy Spirit’s empowering presence in the life of the believer and the ministry of the church. We welcome and encourage the sane, sensible, and Scriptural exercise of spiritual gifts.