Vision & Mission

At Community of Hope, we have a four-fold VISION:

  • To DRAW people from every level of the church and secular society, enabling and empowering them to excel in their gifts and achieve their goals.
  • To DISCIPLE each one with integrity, presenting a challenge to change their lifestyle, thinking, methods and objectives, as they become better people and effective citizens.
  • To DEVELOP each one uniquely and give them keys to multiply, not only themselves, but to affect generations of leaders after them.
  • To DESPATCH each one, sending them out with the courage to confront the future as they strategise for new horizons and higher dimensions.


  • To share the Good News of forgiveness and life transformation, promised to all who come into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  • To build a Bible-based community of faithful people who are empowered to impact our society with God’s love.