Leslie Rajkumar and Juliana Leslie

Leslie and Juliana have been with Community of Hope since its inception in 2006 and their dedicated involvement with the community has been inspiring. Leslie is a businessman by profession and serves within the community by connecting with new-comers and building relationships. He also heads the Kingsmen ministry. Juliana is a powerful intercessor and homemaker with a heart to stir intercession within the community. They live in Mira Road and love serving the house God along with their entire family.

Rajiv and Judith Chelladurai

Rajiv Chelladurai holds the position of ‘Chief Distribution Excellence Officer’ in a leading conglomerate. However, within the community, Rajiv’s involvement with pastoral care; the youth ministry; the CLIMB ministry and several other aspects of teaching and imparting has been phenomenal. He lives in Chembur along with his wife, Judith and three teens — Jason, Jessica and Jenita; heading two life groups in the area. Rajiv is a published author of two compelling and practical book. He also is a practical teacher of the applicable Word of God.

Claudius and Malini Sequeira

By profession, Claudius is a seasoned authority in the textile dye industry and within Community of Hope, a seasoned teacher of the Word of God. He heads a life group at his residence in Mahim. Malini, his wife, is a strong intercessor and his children Nigel and Vanessa are committed members of Community of Hope.

Roy and Julie Paulouse

Roy and Julie Paulose reside in Vasai and head the Life Group in that area. Their commitment to building community in this area has been incredible. Roy heads the Men of Hope ministry in the church and builds relationship with the men in the community, constantly working on ways to encourage them and build them up. Julie is an intercessor and homemaker and their children Joshua, Ruth and Mathew are a devoted part of our community.