Compassion Ministry

The Compassion Ministry journey began with a few of us attending the Call to Compassion International Conference, 2013, where we all were exposed to the massive need our country has and what the church was doing about it. Post the conference we met again to form a core team and started discussing and brain storming for ideas as to how the church could get more involved at a more sustainable level to help reach out to those in need. Various ideas came forth of which educating the church and partnering with different NGOs who were already involved in rescue and rehabilitation of people in need rung the most.

So, without any further delay we plunged in and started by organizing various fun and interactive Christmas programs for different groups of people, most of them being people who had been rescued from a place of abuse. These mainly included shelter homes for minor children, shelter homes for adults that are run by the government.

The Word clearly states the role of the church in being the good news to a world that is suffocating without true love and compassion. The poor, the broken-hearted, the captives, the mourners all symbolize some or the other person today who may be in a place of injustice and apathy. In a world that only recognizes economic growth and ignores the poor and marginalized with a twisted theory of the survival of the fittest… the Church shines through with a different light – a light that recognizes every individual whether rich or poor as made in the image of the Father, with knowledge, potential and resources. It is the duty of the church to restore people to their God-given identity. Hence, evangelism and social involvement must work alongside each other. Even as we open ourselves to the world outside of church, we are allowing the world to bear witness of the grace of Christ through our interactions, relationship building and standing in the gap in form of prayer and support. The social involvement of the church will give birth to many evangelical consequences and opportunities. And God will move faithfully teaching, training, breaking mindsets, changing attitudes and drawing all unto HIM!

See you outside church!