CLIMB Called to Lead In the Marketplace as Believers

CLIMB was established with a purpose:

  • To equip young people within COH seeking jobs with the knowledge they need and some practical tips on effective job hunting
  • To be able to as a church provide help and resources to members starting out in their careers and looking for jobs (within reason).

CLIMB’s first workshop was on 8th June 2013 and targeted individuals within Community of Hope

  • Who are just about completing their education
  • Fresh graduates
  • Those unemployed and seeking jobs
  • Those already working somewhere but looking for a change

The workshop covered all the practical know-how that a job-seeker would need as well as the spiritual aspect of presenting yourself as a believer in the marketplace. In the future, CLIMB will continue to host a variety of conferences, one-day seminars and other such events that will be aimed at edifying the Christian professional to pursue excellence in every area of their work.